"Animatio biblica totius actionis pastoralis" Symposium in Luxembourg


"Animatio biblica totius actionis pastoralis" Symposium in Luxembourg

On March 3rd, at the Luxembourg School of Religion & Society, in the presence of His Eminence Archbishop Jean-Claude Hollerich SJ, the international scientific colloquium on “Animatio biblica totius actionis pastoralis, Bible – Pastoral – Didactics”, to which scientists from Europe, America, Africa and Asia took part, opened.

After the words of welcome by the Director of the LSRS Prof. Jean Ehret, Ph.D., PH.D. and the introduction by Prof. Daniel Laliberté, PH.D. the first session was opened on the subject of the meaning of the expression “Animatio biblica totius actionis pastoralis”. This subject was then referenced to by Prof. Maurice Gilbert SJ, Ph.D. (Rome, Jerusalem) in his quality of exegete, by Prof. Joël Molinario, Ph.D. (Paris) in his quality of practical theologian and by Prof. Judith Könemann, Ph.D. (Münster) in her quality of didactics expert. In the evening, Prof. Nuria Calduch-Benages, Ph.D. (Rome) held a public lecture at the LSRS on “Lectio divina, a way to the heart of the Scriptures, source of biblical animation of the whole pastoral life”.

Saturday was marked by an in-depth understanding of the concept Animatio biblica totius actionis pastoralis. In the morning, the perspectives from an European, American, African and Asian point of view were issued on this concept, in the afternoon Prof. Thomas Osborne, Ph.D. (Luxembourg) outlined the implications for the pastoral work in Christian communities. This was then debated at a round table. Around 18h30, a Biblical audiovisual paraphrase was shown in St-Michael’s Church: biblical texts, images and music on the subject “Let there be light!” (Gen1:3).

On Sunday, the didactic question was discussed. After the lecture of Prof. Yves Guérette, Ph.D. (Québec) on “Pedagogical challenges and perspectives in the teaching of Scriptures and of Theology”, a number of workshops were held to discuss the subject before the seminar was closed by a plenary session and final reflections by Prof. Georg Rubel, Ph.D. (Luxembourg).

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