Besides the continuous work in various countries and regions around the globe the Catholic Biblical Federation initiates and promotes numerous concrete projects in the areas of Bible translation, pastoral care, qualified religious training, the media, ecumenism, biblical studies, etc.

Currently the program promoted from the General Secretariat of the Federation, which started in Africa and is gradually extending to the other regions of the Federation, is the LectioYouth.Net Project.

LectioYouth.Net is a Catholic program for systematic reading and study of the Word of God. It is intended for groups and individuals, particularly the youth in Africa and Madagascar.

The primary goal of LectioYouth.Net is to facilitate the encounter with the word of God through Bible study groups, especially for youth. It is devoted to systematic and regular study and reflection on the Word of God, in order to be guided and transformed on both the personal and local community level. Since it is intended primarily but not exclusively for the Catholic community, its primary, but not exclusive, beneficiary is the Catholic community.