CBF Regional Coordinators


Regional and subregional coordinators are Federation officers at the service of the members in the respective regions and subregions in view of facilitating, promoting, networking and coordinating biblical pastoral work and in implementing the strategy and action plans, elaborated by the Plenary Assembly and the Executive Committee and by the regional or subregional committees, on the regional and subregional levels.

Regional and subregional coordinators

  • are, with reference to the Federation, directly responsible to the Executive Committee and to their respective regional or subregional committee;
  • are appointed for a term of office of three years, renewable, unless otherwise specified by the competent ecclesiastical authority;
  • organize meetings of the regional or subregional committee and of the members of a particular region or subregion at large in accordance with the relevant statutes;
  • develop an action plan for the region or subregion, taking into account the global strategic plan elaborated by the Plenary Assembly and the Executive Committee, in close collaboration with the regional or subregional committee and in consultation with the General Secretary;
  • submit an annual report, covering both activities and finances, to the regional or subregional committee and members as well as to the Executive Committee and the Treasurer of the Federation.

Central Europe

Fr. Eduard Patrascu

Southern & Western Europe

Prof. Ernesto Borghi
Lugano, Switzerland eu.sw.coordinator@c-b-f.org


P. Corrado Pastore SDB

Middle East

Fr. Pierre Najem OMM
Beirut, Lebanon pnajem@ndu.edu.lb

South Asia

Fr. Dr. Antony John Baptist
Bangalore, India southasia@c-b-f.org

North-East Asia

Fr. Pak Wing Peter Lo

South-East Asia

Dr. Natividad B. Pagadut
Manila, Philippines cbfseacoor@gmail.com


Sr. Anna Damas SSpS
Madang, Papua New Guinea yakalum@gmail.com

Africa (Acting)

Fr. Jan J. Stefanów SVD
CBF General Secretary
Sankt Ottilien, Germany cbf.africa@c-b-f.org

Latin America

Mgr. Gerardo García Helder
Buenos Aires, Argentina coordinacion@febic.org

North America

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Sperry
Washington, DC, USA msperry@c-b-f.org