...a network

One of the main purposes of the Catholic Biblical Federation is the coordination of objectives, strategies, activities and work of its members in order to achieve common goals.

The General Secretariat in Sankt Ottilien supports the member institutions in individual regions and coordinates the worldwide exchange of information, experiences and resources. Its prime areas of engagement are:

Support and coordination of the activities of member institutions

  • Conceptual, personnel, financial support
  • Through the General Secretary’s personal contacts
  • Through the monitoring and evaluation of projects
  • Through assistance with public relations and fundraising

Coordination and organization of biblical pastoral ministry worldwide

  • Through meetings at local, regional and supra- regional levels
  • Through initiatives and conceptual support
  • Through special projects, e.g. Ecumenical Bible Sunday, International Dei Verbum Courses

Communication and networking

  • Organization of meetings at all levels within the Federation
  • Exchange of experience with other ecclesial institutions and agencies (Holy See, Bishops’ Conferences, funding agencies, NGOs, etc.)
  • Cooperation at ecumenical and interreligious levels (United Bible Societies, Jewish-Christian dialogue, etc.)


  • International biblical pastoral periodical “Bulletin Dei Verbum” (published quarterly in English, French, Spanish and German)
  • CBF Newsletter
  • Handbooks, reports, documentation
  • Website, internet activities and electronic media