CBF Administrative Board


The Administrative Board takes part in the government of the Federation under the authority of the Executive Committee to which it is responsible. It is the legal and financial arm of the Executive Committee. For the purposes of German law (since the Federation is incorporated in Germany) the Administrative Board constitutes the legal entity of the Federation. It constitutes the finance committee as specified in Canon Law (cf. can. 1280 CIC).

The functions of the Administrative Board are to:

  • be responsible for all financial and legal aspects of the Federation in line with the directives of the Executive Committee, to which it is responsible, and according to the law of the country where the Federation is incorporated, in particular to:
  • hold and secure the registration of the Federation in the country where its organizational structure is located;
  • oversee the preparation of the annual budget by the General Secretary in view of its approval by the Executive Committee and to appoint auditors and to receive the audited accounts;
  • purchase, lease or otherwise acquire land, buildings, or property of any kind, moveable or immoveable, or any interest in the same, for or in connection with or to further the above mentioned purposes;
  • pursue any other financial or legal activity compatible with the purpose of the Federation;
  • legally employ the salaried officers and personnel of the Federation in line with the directives of the Executive Committee and, with regard to the personnel of the office, according to the agreement reached with the General Secretary;
  • supervise the work of the General Secretary in accordance with the decisions of the Executive Committee and to advise the General Secretary in financial, legal and administrative matters;
  • oversee the development and implementation of a diversified fundraising strategy.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Osborne

Vice Chairman

Don Giuseppe De Virgilio
Rome (Italy)


Patrick Markey, CPA
Phoenix (USA)


Dr. Oliver Bludovsky
Karlsruhe (Germany)