CBF Finances

...in the Service of the Word of God

The Catholic Biblical Federation is a non-profit association. Its income derives from membership fees, donations, earnings and grants. The CBF has three levels of financial activity:

  • Central administration - General Secretariat
  • Global projects run by the General Secretariat
  • Projects of the members of the CBF (financed directly by the funding agencies and not icluded in the CBF annual budget)

About 25% of the budget of the Catholic Biblical Federation is funded through the fees paid by members in Europe and North America (the membership fees of other regions remain in the regions to help them create their own funding base) and the remaining 75% is covered by subsidies from donor agencies, catholic institutions and individual donors.

CBF Office

The General Secretariat operates based on the annual budget approved by the Executive Committee with the approval of the Administrative Board, and financed by the Membership Fees of the Regions of Europe and North America (25%) and through global projects for the operations of the General Secretariat submitted to Donor Agencies (75%).

Most of the budget goes to salaries of staff employed in the General Secretariat: The General Secretary and the Assistant General Secretary.

The annual budget of the General Secretariat covers also all the costs of maintaining its offices:

  • Payment of rent and cleaning of the offices

  • Telephones and Internet of the office

  • IT costs

A considerable sum of money goes into maintaining communication with members of the Federation.



The second item of expenditure comprises the General Secretariat travel costs:

  • Travel of members of the Executive Committee for the annual meeting

  • Travel of members of the Administrative Board for 3 meetings during the year

  • Travel of regional and subregional coordinators for the Coordinators’ Conference (once every three year)



  • Travel of the General Secretary relating to the performance of his duties assigned by the Constitution. The main purposes of travel are for:

    • Participation in regional, subregional and zonal meetings

    • Participation in meetings of committees created by the Plenary Assembly

    • Promotion of the Federation in international, intra-ecclesial and inter-ecclesial forums

    • Preparation of training activities in the regions and zones

    • Contacts with donor agencies

    • Preparation and participation in meetings of constitutional bodies of the Federation

They make our mission possible

We are very grateful to the Catholic agencies and individual benefactors who make our mission possible thanks to their generous contribution.
Every first Sunday of the month the General Secretary of the Catholic Biblical Federation offers in the Eucharist the intentions of our benefactors.

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