CBF Congresses

CBF International Biblical Congress (2019)

CBF International Biblical Congress
Rome, 2019

CBF International Biblical Congress (2010)

CBF International Biblical Congress
Rome, 2010

CBF Dei Verbum Congress (2005)

CBF Dei Verbum Congress
Rome, 2005

Upcoming CBF events

Biblical-Pastoral Course for Ministers of the Word of God: Dei Verbum
15 Nov 2021

The new edition of the Dei Verbum Course is to be organized again at Centro Ad Gentes in Nemi (Italy), in September-November 2021.

San José: Modelo para las masculinidades
03 May 2021

El Instituto Bíblico Claretiano de las Américas ofrece formación bíblica completamente gratuita mediante clases en línea.  El enfoque de los cursos es fomentar el amor a las Sagradas Escrituras y acompañar en la formación de líderes laicos y religiosos.

Mary of Nazareth: Biblical reflections for today’s culture - The Mother of the Word.
26 Mar 2021

The feast of the Annunciation of the Lord, also celebrated as the feast of the Incarnation of the Word, is rich in meaning and has multiple dimensions. Surely, it is a Christological feast. However, its meaning and message is inseparably tied with the Virgin Mary, because Mary of Nazareth is its main protagonist. It is, therefore, the feast of the Virgin Mary as a person who played a unique and essential part in God's work of salvation, carried our by Christ.