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Bulletin Dei Verbum - In the footsteps of the Word

Bulletin Dei Verbum is published by the General Secretariat of the Catholic Biblical Federation. As a forum for reflection on issues in biblical pastoral ministry, Bulletin Dei Verbum publishes academic contributions, reports on projects and experiences of individual member organisations and CBF subregions, informs about Federation news and provides information concerning recent publications in the field. It appears twice a year in English, French, German and Spanish.

Between 1986 and 2008,it was published as a printed Journal titled Bulletin Dei Verbum. Since 2012 the bulletin has taken on digital form BDVdigital.

BDVdigital n. 105

(2016, 2)

Bible Translations in an Interconfessional Context

BDVdigital n. 104

(2016, 1)

Bible and Youth

BDVdigital n. 102-103 (2015, 1-2)

CBF IX Plenary Assembly, Nemi

BDVdigital n. 98-101

(2014, 1-4)

The Bible as "cultural code"

BDVdigital n. 94-97

(2013, 1-4)

The "new beginning"

BDVdigital n. 93

(2012, 4)

Synod of the Bishops on the New Evangelization
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BDV - Printed edition

Bulletin Dei Verbum appeared in November 1986 as an official bulletin of the Catholic Biblical Federation in printed form, first in English, French and German and since 1990 also in Spanish.

This quarterly journal served as a platform for the sharing of information, experiences and reflections in the biblical pastoral ministry both among the CBF members and far beyond.

In 2008, it was discontinued to appear again in 2012 in digital form as BDVdigital.

We have gathered here in digital form all the issues of the Buletin Dei Verbum published between 1986 and 2008.

Printed edition - Archive

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