Biblical Formation

The Catholic Biblical Federation is a biblical Federation, not a Bible Federation. This means: its main purpose is not the translation, production and distribution of the book of the bible which has been the original purpose of the Bible Societies of Protestant origin. While the Catholic Biblical Federation collaborates with the Bible Societies, its scope is wider: not just the book, but how to read the book – responsibly and fruitfully!

The Catholic Biblical Federation with its member organizations pursues a broad variety of goals and is engaged in various fields of activities, among others:

Religious education and training

  • Biblical pastoral training and ongoing formation for full-time as well as voluntary collaborators
  • Planning and running of Bible courses in Small Christian Communities, and at grass-root level
  • Religious instruction in schools, colleges, universities, etc.

Biblical studies and hermeneutics

  • Organization of meetings and conferences relating to biblical studies
  • Fostering of dialogue between scientific-academic and pastoral-practical Bible work
  • Positioning of the biblical-Christian image of man in the discussions on current values in society

The offer of Biblical formation that the Catholic Biblical Federation puts at your reach through its members is very rich and varied. We present here your most outstanding forms.