Opening of the Year of the Word of God

Angola, December 2019

Conclusion of the Bible Overview Course - Opening of the Year of the Word of God

Since 2018, the Pauline Sisters of Angola have undertaken a systematic biblical formation of lay people, with the course “Bible in Community”, a project based on the Biblical Animation Service - SAB / Brazil. The purpose of the course, on three successive levels (Bible Overview, Bible Theology, and the Bible as Literature), is to prepare and qualify people through knowledge and experience of God's Word to become Bible animators in the different pastoral areas and movements.

At the end of 2019 and the opening of the “Year of the Word of God”, two classes in the first stage “Bible Overview” concluded after a year and a half of walking.

  1. N´datalando - Kwanza Norte: in the Diocesan Seminary of Saints Martyrs of Uganda, with 69 students. Seminarians, graduates of various congregations, consecrated sisters and some catechists participated. The concluding celebration took place on November 24th.
  2. Luanda: in the Paulinas Auditorium, with 80 students from 15 parishes of the Archdiocese of Luanda, 50 from the Diocese of Viana, 10 from Caxito and 20 from other religious denominations. The Closing Mass took place at the Parish of Our Lady of Fatima on December 1st and was presided by Friar Adelino Soares, Secretary of the Commission for Biblical Pastoral of CEAST. After Mass there was the delivery of certificates. This class will continue next year as Biblical Theology (18 themes).

May this Year of the Word of God allow each student to continue the journey of study, sharing and proclamation of the Scriptures so that the Bible becomes the whole of the Church's Pastoral Care and the soul, that is, the lung that all the faithful breathe.

Sr. Elisabete Corazza, fsp



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