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April 2022

In preparation for the Plenary Assembly of the Catholic Biblical Federation in April 2023, we invite all members and friends of our Federation to pray for God’s blessing, the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and the intercession of Mary, the Mother of the Word, for all its regions and their activities. 

The intention for this month you can find here:

Presentation of the Intention

This region gathers German speaking countries and those of Eastern Europe belonging to the former communist bloc. The Katolische Bibel Werk (German Catholic Biblical Association) active in this region, Vatican-based Office for Common Bible Work (a department of the Secretariat for Promoting Christian of Unity), and other involved Catholic institutions, established the Catholic Biblical Federation in April 1969. Today, the CBF members of Central Europe are most active in sponsoring and supporting the General Secretariat and projects of other Federation’s regions. The greatest challenge lies in enlivening of the biblical ministry in the countries which, in the past years, were under the anti-Christian communist control. Thus the main goal for the Federation’s activity in this region is to ensure that biblical pastoral ministry plays an integral role in the pastoral programs of the European Bishop’s conferences.

News from the Federation

+ Fr. Anton Gessler SVD
16 Jan 2023

In grateful memory of the SVD Congo missionary Fr. Anton Gessler, SVD (April 22, 1938 Friedrichshafen - 15.1.2023 Sankt Augustin)

A working meeting of Eastern European Zone
10 Jul 2021

A working meeting of Eastern European Zone of the CBF Central European Subregion took place on July 8 – 10 in the town of Traian in Romania.

Mary of Nazareth: Biblical reflections for today’s culture - The Mother of the Word.
26 Mar 2021

The feast of the Annunciation of the Lord, also celebrated as the feast of the Incarnation of the Word, is rich in meaning and has multiple dimensions. Surely, it is a Christological feast. However, its meaning and message is inseparably tied with the Virgin Mary, because Mary of Nazareth is its main protagonist. It is, therefore, the feast of the Virgin Mary as a person who played a unique and essential part in God's work of salvation, carried our by Christ.

Weihbischof Dr Bernhard Haßlberger

Bischof Dr Bertram Meier

Ceská Biskupská Konference Ceské katolické biblické dílo

Dr. Ulrike Seidel - Germany

Towards the CBF 10th Plenary Assembly: Catholic Biblical Federation in Central Europe

On the way towards the CBF Plenary Assembly we've presented the reality and future perspectives of the Central European Sub-region in the interventions of some representatives of the institutions that compose it.

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