The Adventures of a Biblical Translator - Dom Henry Wansbrough

Saturday 23rd January 2021

The Adventures of a Biblical Translator

Live streamed conference by Dom Henry Wansbrough organized by The Catholic Biblical Associa0on of Great Britain.

Dom Henry Wansbrough is Editor of the New Jerusalem Bible and most recently the Revised New Jerusalem Bible, Dom Henry has spent a life-time in Bible translation.

Dr Sean Ryan, chair of the CBA, will introduce the event.

The Adventures of a Biblical Translator - Dom Henry Wansbrough


Saturday 23rd January 2021 11:00  to 12:30 GMT


Live streamed from the Catholic Church of Christ the Eternal High Priest at Gidea Park. To access go to and click on live stream remote services

Event available subsequently on

Questions for Fr Henry on Bible translation may be emailed beforehand to:


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