Online Biblical Formation


There are many and varied proposals for biblical formation offered online by the member institutions of the Catholic Biblical Federation. We have organized them into three categories:

We make them available to you for free use and distribution and invite you to expand this list of online Biblical Formation offers.


St. Paul Online Bible College (India)


  • To decode the literary forms contained in the Bible.
  • To bring out the meaning of the Bible for the present world. 
  • To cater to the young and educated generation which has access to online and the internet. 
  • To make use of the easy and fast ways of learning through online. 


  • To introduce all the books of both Old Testament and New Testament through 24 booklets spread to the maximum of two years.  
  • To have lessons with the following thrusts
  • To give the basic information that will be useful to understand the book/s (background division, literary forms used etc).
  • To explain the main theological messages that the books of the Bible communicate.
  • To relate these messages to personal, social and religious life. 
  • To test the knowledge of the students through objective and descriptive type questions.
  • To clarify the doubts the student may have while reading the lessons.
  • To encourage the students by issuing interim and completion of Course certificates.


CCBI Commission for Bible CCBI Center, P. B. No. 8490
Hutchins Road, Second Cross Bangalore - 560 084
Karnataka, India

Tel.: (Office) 0091 80 25498389 / 25498282
Mobile: 9444223332

Mother of Life Center (Philippines)

Formation for the Transmission of Faith Program aims to:

  • enable the participants to acquire an in-depth basic knowledge of the Catholic Faith.
  • awaken in the participants their thirst for God leading to an intimate relationship with Him
    in prayer and sacraments. 
  • help the participants to live out their Christian faith in daily life, and become responsible,
    free, and authentic witnesses of Christ serving the Church and society. 
  • equip the participants with a basic knowledge of the psychological and spiritual growth of
    the human person and with skills in pastoral counseling.
  • develop in the participants the sense of Christian Leadership and the capacity to transmit
    the Good News competently and creatively to different audiences.
  • challenge the participants to remain an actor of their own formation after the
    accomplishment of the certificate program 


The FTF Certificate Program offers during one year 11 basic courses of 24 h each. The online sessions will be conducted synchronously every Saturday for 3 hours per session, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. One course will run for 4 consecutive Saturdays except for one course which is proposed for 2 h every other week during 6 months


Mother of Life Center
123 Susano Road, Barangay San Agustin Novaliches
1117 Quezon City PHILIPPINES

Tel.: +63 28 939 3433
Mobile: +63 919 470 2598

St. Paul Online Bible College (India)

St. Paul Online Bible College (India)
Online courses English

Angela Merici Biblical Center (Indonesia)

Angela Merici Biblical Center (Indonesia)
Online Courses Indonesian

Pastoral Bible Foundation (Hong Kong)

Pastoral Bible Foundation (Hong Kong)
Online Bible Conferences Italian/English/Spanish/Chinese


Words of Joy and Hope

Words of Joy and Hope

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