CBF Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is elected by the Plenary Assembly. It is the highest organ in the period between Plenary Assemblies and it is obligated to implement their decisions and to nominate office-holders. Each region is served by at least one representative in the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee consists of:

  • Four ex-officio members: the President of the Federation,  the Chairperson of the Administrative Board or another member of the Administrative Board who represents him, the Treasurer, in a non voting capacity, the representative of the Holly See, in a non voting capacity.
  • Seven Full Members elected from each of the following regions: Africa (1) , Asia (1), Europe (1), Latin America and the Caribbean (1), the Middle East (1), North America (1), Oceania (1)
  • Three Associate Members elected by the Plenary Assembly


President of the CBF

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle
Archbishop of Manila

Chairman of the Administrative Board

Bishop Dr. Bernhard Haßlberger
Auxiliary Bishop of München-Freising

Representative of the Holy See

Mons. Juan Usma

CBF Treasurer

Delegate of Africa

Bishop Mathieu Madega Lebouakehan
EC Moderator
Conférence Episcopale du Gabon

Delegate of Europe

Fr. Séamus O'Connell
EC Vice-Moderator
Irish Episcopal Conference

Delegate of Latin America

Archbishop Jacinto Bergmann
Conferência Nacional dos Bispos do Brasil

Delegate of North America

Mr. Francis Daoust
Conférence des Évêques Catholiques au Canada
- Société Catholique de la Bible

Delegate of Asia

Fr. Sagaya John Antony Jesu
Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India

Delegate of Middle East

Sr. Dr. Yara Matta
Assemblée des Patriarches et des Évêques Catholiques au Liban

Delegate of Oceania

Bishop David Walker
Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference

Delegate of the Associate Members

Fr. Alvin Peter Fernando
Bible Study Resource Centre of Kandy

Delegate of the Associate Members

Fr. Hernando Jaramillo SSP
Sociedad Bíblica Católica Internacional - SOBICAIN

Delegate of the Associate Members

Fr. Xene Sanchez SVD
Verbum Bible