"The Prophecy of the Gospel for the Life of All" - Towards the Sunday of the Word of God

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"The Prophecy of the Gospel for the Life of All" - Towards the Sunday of the Word of God

Sub-region of Southern and Western Europe and Central European sub-region the of the Catholic Biblical Federation organised a teleconference on the topic: ""The Prophecy of the Gospel for the Life of All" - Towards the Sunday of the Word of God". 

Putting the biblical Scriptures at the center of religious formation and daily life, for those who are Christian and for those of other cultural inspiration: this goal appears increasingly important in the rich and fragmented European continent to make relations between people and the economic and political choices of the present and the future. The second edition of the “Sunday of the Word of God” (24.1.2021) wants to make a contribution in this direction also in Europe. In this meeting we will propose some reflections, which analyze two biblical texts of that Sunday liturgy and make us understand the value of their message for contemporary life. Competent and passionate representatives from various European regions, from the west and east will speak.

 The conference took place Online on January 22, 2021 from 5:00 to 6:30 PM GMT (London time). It was hosted by the General Secretariat of the Catholic Biblical Federation in cooperation with the Friends of the CBF.




Ernesto Borghi

Born in Milan (ITA) in 1964, married and father of two children, Doctor in Theology (Uni-Fribourg) and Bachelor in Sacred Scripture (Pontifical Biblical Commission in Rome), professor of Sacred Scripture at the ISSR “Guardini” of Trient and at the PFTIM of Neaples (section St Thomas Aquinas), coordinator of the Southern and Western European Sub-Region of the Catholic Bible Federation and coordinator of biblical formation in the diocese of Lugano (CH).

Adrian Graffy

Born in Ilford (England) in 1950, he was ordained a priest for the diocese of Brentwood in 1974. He taught Sacred Scripture at St John's Seminary in Wonersh from 1983 to 2005. From 2014 he is member of Pontifical Biblical Commission.

Djurica Pardon

Born in 1966 in Nijemci, a small village near Vukovar on the eastern border of Croatia, ordained for a priest on 1995, he obtained doctorate at the Catholic Theological Faculty of the University of Zagreb in 2017. He work at the Catholic University of Zagreb and teach Integral ecology.

Stefania De Vito

Born in Avellino (ITA) in 1977, married and mother of two children, doctorate in biblical theology (Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome), she teaches biblical disciplines at the Pontifical Gregorian University and the LUMSA University in Rome.

Eduard Patrașcu

Born in Faraoani – Bacau (Romania) in 1979, priest from 2005, Licentiate in Sacred Scripture (Pontifical Biblical Institute of Rome), professor at the Institute of Roman Catholic Theology “St. Josè” in Iasi, coordinator of the Central and Eastern European Sub-Region of the Catholic Biblical Federation.

Séamus O’Connell

Born in 1957, priest of the Diocese of Kerry (Ireland), ordained in 1982, studies at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome (licentiate in Sacred Scripture) and in Uni-Fribourg (Doctor of Theology), professor of Holy Scripture at St Patrick’s College in Maynooth, vice-moderator of Executive Comitee of of the Catholic Biblical Federation.

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"The Prophecy of the Gospel for the Life of All" - Towards the Sunday of the Word of God.

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